Premium Finance Software, easy for beginners, powerful for the pros!

Premium Finance Manager is a specialized software application for the insurance premium finance businesses. With Premium Finance Manager, you will be able to efficiently and accurately manage your finance contracts and relationships with insurance agencies and companies. Keeping track of "who owes whom," will be a breeze.

Users familiar with Windows will have no problem navigating the simple menus. Experienced premium finance users will appreciate the ease at which contract terms can be adjusted on a per contract basis, increasing your competitive position. If you need a feature "unique" to your business our programmers will be glad to add it.

Field Proven Around The Country

Premium Finance Manager, a Windows-based program, has been field proven since 1998 in various states. Premium Finance Manager is proven as a Windows application that works on systems from Windows XP to Windows 8. Although it is proven - Premium Finance Manager is maintained and updates are released to accommodate customer requests or to comply with changing state regulations.

Functions to Make Your Work Easier
  • Calculates Payments
  • Prints Finance Contract
  • Payment Coupons
  • Pre-printed or plain paper forms
  • Plain paper, 9 to a page payment coupons
  • Agency/Producer Performance Review
  • Insurance Company Review
  • Customer Letters
  • Transaction Reports
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Receivables - actual and projected
Benefits to Improve Profits and Give You Peace of Mind
  • Aesthetically pleasing and readable screens - no codes or encrypted messages. Get up to speed quickly and even a casual user can remain proficient.
  • Full Windows Application - with mouse support, menus, and toolbars. Easy to learn and use, it's similar to other Windows products.
  • "Heads down operation", i.e. no mouse or menu operation needed for data entry. Allows fast data entry using only the keyboard.
  • Multiple networking support - runs on Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows 8. Provides greater flexibility and ensures long-term support.
  • Supports standard Windows output devices for greater flexibility. Support for dot matrix, ink jet or laser printers, even faxes directly from the PC. No need to buy new printers or be stuck with old unsupported devices.
  • No preset limit on the number of contracts supported. The capacity of Premium Finance Manager automatically expands up to available system resources.
  • No surprises or unplanned expenses.
  • Multi-user version available.
  • Premium Finance Manager is cost effective for either single user or multi-user operation.
  • Premium Finance Manager has the capability to expand as your business' needs grow.
  • You have the choice of either peer-to-peer or server-based networks from Microsoft.