Advanced Technologies Made Simple


 With its Microsoft Office Fluent user interface and interactive design capabilities that do not require deep database knowledge, Microsoft Office Access helps you track and report information with ease. Get started quickly with prebuilt applications that you can modify or adapt to changing business needs. Collect information through forms in email or import data from external applications. Create and edit detailed reports that display sorted, filtered, and grouped information in a way that helps you make sense of the data for informed decision-making. Share information by moving your Office Access files to a Windows SharePoint Services Website, where you can audit revision history, recover deleted information, set data access permissions, and back up your information at regular intervals.


 Telerik r.a.d.controls suite is the most innovative and comprehensive toolset for ASP.NET development, tailored for seamless integration with the DotNetNuke project. This integrated collection of controls allows professionals to build web solutions with the UI richness and responsiveness of desktop applications.


 ASP.NET is a unified Web development model that includes the services necessary for you to build enterprise-class Web applications with a minimum of coding. ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework, and when coding ASP.NET applications you have access to classes in the .NET Framework. You can code your applications in any language compatible with the common language runtime (CLR), including Microsoft Visual Basic, C#, jscript, and .NET. These languages enable you to develop ASP.NET applications that benefit from the common language runtime, type safety, inheritance, and so on.



 SQL Server delivers on Microsoft’s Data Platform vision by helping your organization manage any data, any place, anytime. Store data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents, such as images and rich media, directly within the database. SQL server delivers a rich set of integrated services that enable you to do more with your data such as query, search, synchronize, report, and analyze.

SQL Server provides the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications. To take advantage of new opportunities in today's fast-moving business world, companies need the ability to create and deploy data-driven solutions quickly. SQL Server reduces time and cost of management and development of applications. Access data from across your enterprise and provide control over your data no matter where it’s stored—from the largest servers within the data center to desktops to mobile devices. SQL Server provides a comprehensive platform that delivers intelligence where your users want it. Information workers can access data directly using the tools they use every day, such as the Microsoft Office system.

SQL Server enables data to be consumed from custom applications developed using Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio and from within service-oriented architectures (SOA) and business processes through Microsoft BizTalk Server.


 DotNetNuke is the world’s most widely adopted framework for building websites and web applications on Microsoft ASP.NET. Available in Professional and Community Editions, DotNetNuke provides simple, browser-based tools that make it easy for administrators, editors, developers, and designers to build, deploy, and manage all aspects of an interactive website or application, including content, layout, membership, features, functionality, site hosting, and security.

DotNetNuke Professional Edition includes additional security, stability, and support guarantees for production or mission-critical applications and is available at a substantially lower cost than alternative proprietary solutions.

DotNetNuke is a development framework that enables businesses to quickly build and deploy feature-rich, interactive websites and applications in Microsoft environments. Through an intuitive, menu-driven interface, even non-technical users can use DotNetNuke to easily create new sites or extend the functionality and features of existing web applications.

With hundreds of thousands of portals, intranets, extranets, and public websites built on DotNetNuke—and an enthusiastic open-source community that is more than 600,000 strong and growing—DotNetNuke is the world’s most widely adopted framework for building web solutions on the Microsoft stack.




 Microsoft Office Professional is a complete suite of productivity and database software that will help you save time and stay organized. Powerful contact management features help you manage all customer and prospect information in one place. Develop professional marketing materials for print, e-mail, and the Web, and produce effective marketing campaigns in-house. Create dynamic business documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and build databases with no prior experience or technical staff. You will learn new features rapidly using improved menus that present the right tools when you need them.

Office Excel is a powerful tool you can use to create and format spreadsheets, and analyze and share information to make more informed decisions. With the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, rich data visualization, and PivotTable views, professional-looking charts are easier to create and use. Office Excel, combined with Excel Services, a new technology that will ship with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, provides significant improvements for sharing data with greater security. You can share sensitive business information more broadly with enhanced security with your coworkers, customers, and business partners. By sharing a spreadsheet using Office Excel and Excel Services, you can navigate, sort, filter, input parameters, and interact with PivotTable views directly on the Web browser.

Office Word is a powerful authoring program that gives you the ability to create and share documents by combining a comprehensive set of writing tools with the easy-to-use Microsoft Office Fluent user interface.

Office Word helps information workers create professional-looking content more quickly than ever before. With a host of new tools, you can quickly construct documents from predefined parts and styles, as well as compose and publish blogs directly from within Word. Advanced integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and new XML-based file formats make Office Word the ideal choice for building integrated document management solutions.